The difference between a twin flame and a false twin

 twin flame relationship is really what most people refer to as their “soulmate” relationship. However, you can have many soulmates in the course of your lifetime, but only one twin flame. Your twin flame is your soul mirror. They share your “core soul frequency.” That means that though your relationship is indeed blissful, it can also be difficult. No relationship brings you into a clearer awareness of yourself than this one.
That’s why there’s also false twin flame relationships. This is what happens when we find someone who we think is our perfect match, but really exists to help us identify and then clear karma and patterning so that we can be ready for the real thing.

15 Differences Between A True Twin Flame Relationship and False Twin Flame Relationship

1. True and false spiritual twins are very similar
When you are with your true spiritual twin, you will realize that even your former partner possessed much of the same characteristics. It has blinded you and prevented you from recognizing the truth.

2. The false spiritual twin mentions the problems of the past. When you purify karma with your soul mate, you will find that the problems that arise are the result of mistakes, nervousness, fears and worries of the past. In the relationship with your true spiritual twin, the problems will be related to what will happen in the future and how to accomplish your goal while you are alive.

3. A false spiritual twin will teach you how to help yourself. The true spiritual twin will teach you how to help others
False twins arise in our lives when we need to become self-conscious and make some kind of change. True twins appear in the time when we need to expand our powers and start to change the lives of people around us.

4. The commitment of the fake twins fades when difficulties begin to arise, while the commitment of the true twins becomes stronger
What mostly separates the false twin flames from the real is their extinguishing. When difficulties and disagreements arise, the true commitment of the twins will be revealed. In the end, the fake twins will leave because it was too difficult for them. The true spiritual twin will be ready to go through anything to stay with you.

5. A false spiritual twin will cause anxiety and nervousness, and the real one will make you feel at home
You will feel a special kind of comfort when you are with your true spiritual twin. You will be the best friends and you will feel at home whenever you are together, no matter where you are.

6. You will not know where the connection with your fake spiritual twin goes, while the link with the right twin will be clear to you despite all the difficulties
The connection with the spiritual twin is almost always stormy and filled with constant breaks and calming. However, breaking up with the false spiritual twin will last longer and be more serious. When you settle down, it will last very briefly and will not end well.

7. Your fake spiritual twin will cause you strong feelings of doubt, while the real twin will bring you security
One of the biggest signs of a fake spiritual twin is constant uncertainty in the relationship. Although it will seem to you that this relationship meets all your criteria, there will always be one voice in your head and a heart that will ask the question: Is this true? It will not happen to the true spiritual twin, at least not to that extent.

8. A false spiritual twin will appear to you at that time of your life when you need to be awakened. The true spiritual twin will appear when you need to get up
It is not the same to wake up and rise. Waking happens when you begin to recognize your inner strength, and the rise is the moment you start using it.

9. A false spiritual twin will always make you wonder if you are destined to be together, while the intentions of the right twin will be clear from the outset
The false spiritual twin will always seem to be somewhat unattainable. You will think that you must constantly strive to maintain the relationship. The connection with the right twin runs naturally, without investing much effort.

10. A false spiritual twin will give you a false hope, and the relationship with the true spiritual twin will be irreplaceable
Your heart will break when you find out that your fake spiritual twin accomplishes the same magical relationship with other people. Your true spiritual twin never had such a close relationship with another person and he would be aware of this fact.

11. A false spiritual twin will be afraid of your success, and the real twin will get inspiration from him
False spiritual twins are very similar to you and most likely this is the main reason you are attracted to. However, when you start to advance, your fake spiritual twin will make you feel guilty about it or you will think that it “loses” something. The true spiritual twin will not only be happy with you but also help you succeed.

12. A false spiritual twin will show you what you need to change to survive, while the real twin will show you what you need to do to succeed
A false spiritual twin will mark the beginning of your awakening. It will reveal your old wounds and habits that hinder your way to success. Your true spiritual twin will not emphasize your pain from the past, but it will help you to understand what you need to do to have a fulfilling life.

13. A false spiritual twin will inspire you to awaken yourself, while a true spiritual twin will make you do it together
The connection with the false spiritual twin will awaken only one of the partners, while the relationship with the true spiritual twin will both partners both at the same time.

14. You will have a shared vision of your lives with your true spiritual twin
Your fake spiritual twin will always have a slightly different vision of life. You do not have to agree on everything, but you should at least make compromises for each other.

15. You will wonder why the connection with the false spiritual twin happens to you. You will be quite sure in the sense of the relationship with your true spiritual twin.
When you are with your fake spiritual twin, you will constantly wonder why you feel so much pain. In the relationship with your true spiritual twin, you will understand that disagreements help you mature and become better partners and better people.

What kinda love have you experienced?

There are so many types of love we all experience through our lifes. which of these have you gone through? 1) Forbidden Love : You know you shouldnt but you cant help yourself. Now i always wonder if this is an actual feeling of love or is it ‘ wanting what you cant have ?’ 2) First Love: how do we really know who is or was our first love? In all my relationships ive always thought id been in love and with every relationship i experienced different feelings. I guess maybe ‘The first love’ is the first person who you had those first strong feelings for. 3) Rekindeled Love: This can be good or messy, depending if your ment to be together or not. 4) Complicated Love: This is where your still trying to figure eachother out. 5) Unconditional Love: There is no reason , no conditions to this type of love. Its just simple you love eachother no matter what.

Attention attention Males born between 1980- 1999 needed for narcissim quizzes

Thank you to all the people so far who have helped me with my research however, it’s very one sided and currently the female population is dominanting my results and to give an accurate opinion on Millennials’ being Narcissistic I need both male and females participants. So ladies who have already participated , if you have a man in your life may it be boyfriend, husband , brother, cousins or just a friend born between 1980-1999 please get them to do the quizzes and share their results. And to the guys who are reading this comment Bellow for the links to the quizzes. All you need to do is answer the questions truthfully then screen shot your results and send them to me. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing more of your results. Much love C x

My article pitches

As my previous post stated I would share the title ideas of the articles that i will be writing about over the next few weeks. Which one should I write about first? Which one would you like to be a part of?

Can we be friends with a narcissit?

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Light bulb moment

Yes ! I’ve finally found the way I want to write this blog.

So , how many posts have I published about the way I should write this blog? And I think I finally got something that works

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about various topics to do with narcissism and with that I can use my story as examples, I would also love for others to share their stories and views on these topics. Following this post I will post a list of the articles I will be writing about. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to share your experiences. As I said I’m not here to bore you with my life story I’m here to help and to be that someone you can turn to when you have no one who understands. With me your never alone.

Changed title?

I guess your all sat there wondering why I changed the title to my blog? Well as I said before if been thinking of ways to attract more readers and how I should go about writing my story,when I realised it’s not just that I fell for a narcissist but that I also have narcissistic friends like I’m a narcissist magnet. So instead of this being a overcoming heart break story this is going to be a story about how to deal with narcissists in life and how I dealt with it , and that you can actually be friends with a narc but not to fall victim to narcissistic abuse. In my next few posts I’ll be introducing all the important people in my life and what part they play and played, obviously names have been changed but the stories are real.